July 09, 2018

Interesting Things on the Internet: July 9th 2018

  • The Hidden Cost of Touchscreens. Hopefully we can start to recognise that there's value in tactile, no-need-to-look interfaces.
  • After the Fall. John Lanchester on fine form about the decade since the financial crash and how life has gotten worse for not the people who caused it. "How it’s been working out here in the UK is the longest period of declining real incomes in recorded economic history. ‘Recorded economic history’ means as far back as current techniques can reach, which is back to the end of the Napoleonic Wars. Worse than the decades that followed the Napoleonic Wars, worse than the crises that followed them, worse than the financial crises that inspired Marx, worse than the Depression, worse than both world wars."
  • James Hansen’s 1988 climate predictions have proved to be remarkably accurate. We need to be ramping up our efforts to tackle climate change.
  • 5 July 1948: A chance and a challenge. Matt lays out a vision for the NHS that I heartily endorse. Turns out it's roughly the same one it started with.
  • Been Down So Long It Looks Like Debt to Me.
  • Complicating the Narratives. Complexity and nuance in our writing could provide some of the answer to how we can de-polarise the national debate. That's why I like blogging over Twitter (et al) - it encourages longer, more thought-through pieces (when they're not snippets like most of my blogging here of late...)
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July 02, 2018

Interesting Things on the Internet: July 2nd 2018

For some scrolling text over the sound of morse code, I wasn't expecting this recreation of the Titanic's comms to be so haunting (and harrowing)

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June 25, 2018

Interesting Things on the Internet: June 25th 2018

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June 08, 2018


Taking advantage of Liverpool MakeFest (and following some plot-hatching with Jo Hinchliffe) and the fact that DoES Liverpool now has an amazing new, bigger space that's open on Sundays, the day after MakeFest we're hosting a #MakerBrunch.

It's a deliberately low-key and informal affair, just a place for makers to gather, meet new and old faces, and chat about whatever is of interest.

That said, this tweet from Edafe Onerhime this morning got me thinking about it a bit more...

That reminded me of my #longconf idea from years back, and re-reading that blog post made me realise that the #MakerBrunch is an opportunity to seed a small, related experiment.

I'm going to find a couple of corners of DoES Liverpool and seed them with a poster or conversation topic, and then we can see if that gives people something to discuss. It's a bit more prep work for me (and whoever I ask to help come up with the topics), but will also give a few jumping off points for newcomers who don't know too many other people.

It might not work at all, but I'll no doubt still learn something from doing it, and it won't get in the way of the main aim of the event either way. Let's find out.

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May 28, 2018

Interesting Things on the Internet: May 28th 2018

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May 21, 2018

Interesting Things on the Internet: May 21st 2018

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March 26, 2018

Interesting Things on the Internet: March 26th 2018

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March 05, 2018

Interesting Things on the Internet: March 5th 2018

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February 26, 2018

Interesting Things on the Internet: February 26th 2018

  • The march of the technocrats. Interesting to see the technocratic movement isn't anything new.
  • Using Story to Change Systems. I wonder what would happen if someone funded Ross and Jen to get/help the city write stories about its future? Between them they could pull in the libraries, Writing on the Wall, the tech and maker communities... It'd be like the It's Liverpool 2020 project, but good!
  • Connecting the tech sector to civil society and social innovation. More of this please.
  • Design’s Lost Generation. Mike Monteiro makes a good case for the professionalisation of tech. I'm still not sure how we avoid scaring off the good people and giving those who enjoy paperwork more prestige, but it's something we need to work out how to solve.
  • The Center for Humane Technology Doesn’t Want Your Attention. It is possible to use tech without it strip-mining you for data to sell on.
  • Wirral Wonders. "This joint venture – to be known as the Wirral Growth Company – is ambitious, and I wish the enterprise well, for the good of Wirral and its residents. Yet an investment figure of £1 billion has been mooted, and this is where doubts begin to creep in.[...]Look at Wirral Waters – ten years into a thirty year time frame promoted by Peel, and aided by the council. What is there to show for it? Very little, to the casual observer. Part of Wirral Community College and Tower Wharf, looking out on a waste land." It's hard to see how anyone ever believes the regeneration hype. Maybe we're not supposed to, just to keep disengaged while the powerful get on with consolidating their wealth.
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February 12, 2018

Interesting Things on the Internet: February 12th 2018

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